About our Company

production and supply of modern engineering equipment for heating systems, water supply and sanitation


Today the ROSTherm is the biggest player on the trade of engineering supplying for habitable, commercial and social objects of Russian’s building. For most of clients and building companies the sign of “Rostherm” means the quality assurance and confidence in the future.

The story of the company began in 2005 with opening the head office at Saint-Petersburg. The company is concentrated on several main products: steel panel radiators, polypropylene pipes.


Rostherm was founded in in St. Petersburg, first agreements with foreign partner are concluded.


Turnover of the company reached 6 000 000 euros. There were new products and the directions of sales.


Rostherm became the Russia's First supplier of the pipes reinforced by fiber glass. The turn of the company reached 10 000 000 euros.


Deliveries to retail federal networks begun, our products could presented in 20 cities of Russia.


Rostherm opened the sales office in Moscow and started distribution to another cities in Russia


Created the own technical and design group for design of engineering systems


Production of Rostherm Company is registered in the most popular systems of design of MAgic CAD, the Stream, C.O.


Our dealer network is actively developing and our production can be found in 37 cities


Our main factories are concentrated on the territory of Russian Federation and EU. We very seriously treat quality and reliability of our equipment. On each factory the special monitoring system of quality of each consignment of goods is entered.

Laboratory of ROTHERM

The own laboratory equipped with all necessary SCITEQ company’s equipment and carrying out hydraulic tests of pipes, fitting and connections. The laboratory is certified and has the right for carrying out independent examinations and issue of the conclusions.