Collectors and collector groups


Collectors and collector groups are designed to distribute water or coolant evenly from the main pipeline to consumers (radiators, toilet bowl, mixers, washing machine, etc.). The collector provides a uniform pressure of water to all consumers and makes it easy to cut off water access for repairing one consumer without shutting down the entire system, if necessary. Heizen collectors are made of high-quality brass and stainless steel, which eliminates the risk of leaks. Our manifolds can be equipped with various types of valves: manual balancing valves, manual shut-off valves, thermostatic valves, flow meters, air vent and drainage cranes.

  • Material: brass or stainless steel
  • Diameter of the connecting thread: 3/4 "/ 1" / 1 1/4 "
  • Outputs: 1/2 "/ 3/4"
  • Center distance: 50 mm / 100 mm
  • Variants: with air vent, drain valve, manual balancing valves, manual valves, flowmeters, thermostatic valves

Examples of variants of execution of collectors and collector groups. All collectors and collector groups can be executed in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer:


More detailed technical description and product range can be found in the technical documentation on the site.