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Rostherm is a modern company focused on promoting the most innovative solutions in the field of internal engineering networks. At the moment, the company "ROSTHERM" is represented in the cities of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Irkutsk. The Company's head office is in St. Petersburg. Taking into account the strong positions of the Company, as well as the saturation of the market in the listed cities and adjacent regions, ROSTHERM reports on the beginning of regional expansion in the territory of the Russian Federation. Companies wishing to engage in active promotion of innovative solutions in the market of internal engineering systems are invited to cooperation. The company ROSTHERM considers the main prerequisite for cooperation is the coincidence of interests and goals set by the Company and its partners, namely:

  • Promotion of effective solutions in the field of internal engineering systems.
  • Introduction of modern technical solutions, changing the classical ideas about internal engineering systems.
  • Active sales and intellectual competition.
  • Creation of new markets and the most stable position on them.
  • Full support of the sales process and provision of a wide range of services to the Company's customers. Work with all market participants.

Why Rostherm?

We're ALREADY knoww. And what about your brand?

Actively working on the quality of products and the image of the brand ROSTHERM, the company created a brand that gives credibility to hundreds of construction market organizations and thousands of ordinary consumers throughout the country. The warehouses of the Company are located in the cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Irkutsk, which ensures the mobility of supplies to many regions of the Russian Federation. The development of the Company's business is a priority for ROSTHERM when dealing with dealers. Cooperation gives the dealer company a number of advantages and competitive advantages over other companies in the region, such as:

  • Image of a modern innovative company that takes part in the revolution in the field of internal engineering systems.
  • The ability to create new markets and be an absolute leader on them.
  • The presence of a partner - the ideal supplier - of modern, mobile, flexible, conducive to business development.
  • Additional motivation of employees through partner programs of loyalty ROSTERM.
  • Dynamically increasing additional turnover.

How does it work?

Use OUR resources to achieve YOUR goals

ROSTHERM Company provides its partners with active support of sales of their products and is ready to assist with the purpose of increasing the turnover and profits of its partners:

  • Technical support of sales - on-site training of the sales department of the Partner Company in the region, provision of systems calculation programs, the "hot" ROSTERM line, etc.
  • Information support taking into account the peculiarities of the region
  • IT support

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Official ROSTHERM distributors

Representative office in Irkutsk

Address: 664035, Irkutsk
Ul. Surnova, 30/2, of. 6
Phone. +7 902 577 45 95
Email info@baikalterm.ru

Representative office in Chita

Address: 672014, Chita
Traktovaya Str h.7 fl.5
Phone: +7 3022 71 21 03

Representative office in Ekaterinburg

Trade House Arcos
Address: 620141, Ekaterinburg
ul. Uerevanskaya h. 6, office 48
Phone. +7 810 (343) 300 40 22

Representative Office in Gorodets

Address: 606500, Gorodets, ul. Dorojanaya, h 8B
Phone.+7 831 619 12 57

Representative office in Tula

Company Group Elf
Address: 300904, Tula, Mendeleevsky village, Kireevskaya st. h. 39
Phone.+7 4872 314-314