Heat meters


Heat meters are designed for measuring and recording heat energy (quantity of heat), volume, temperature and other parameters of the coolant in closed water heating systems (with a horizontal heating system). The heat meter is used as a means of commercial recording of heat energy in apartments, individual houses, as well as in other residential and non-residential premises.


Diameter of nominal passage: 15/20 mm
Nominal flow rate: 0,6 / 1,5 / 2,5 m3 / h
Sensitivity threshold: 0.003 / 0.004 / 0.006 m3 / h
Temperature measurement range: + 5 to + 90 ° C
The limit of the permissible absolute error: ± (0,6 + 0,004t) ° С
Maximum allowable working pressure: 16 Bar
Service life: 12 years

More detailed technical description and product range can be found in the technical documentation on the site.