The internal sewerage from polypropylene


Polypropylene is one of the most modern and widely used polymer materials, mass use was mastered in the 1950s. Due to its properties it is the best solution for internal sewage systems. Resistant to mechanical influences - has a high impact strength. Increased heat resistance allows you to withstand both high (for short periods up to 100 ° C) and low (up to -40 ° C) temperatures. Allows full freezing. Also polypropylene has a high chemical resistance to acids and alkalis.

Advantages of the system in comparison with traditional materials

  • Light weight (15-20 times lighter than cast iron).
  • Quick installation, which does not require special equipment.
  • The possibility of a hidden laying of the pipeline.
  • The estimated service life is over 50 years.
  • Smooth surface of the inner wall (no "overgrowing" effect).
  • Resistance to temperature changes (does not break with freezing).
  • Non-compliance with chemical and electrical corrosion.

More detailed technical description and product range can be found in the technical documentation on the site.