Water heat-insulated floors


Pipe Rostherm Warm floor is made from molecular-crosslinked polyethylene PEX. Cross-linking of polyethylene leads to the formation of additional bonds between molecules, which gives the initial material a completely new quality, namely resistance to high temperatures, which allows the use of pipes made of cross-linked polyethylene PEX in underfloor heating systems. The company ROSTERM offers two types of pipes for underfloor heating with an oxygen barrier layer based on the EVOH polymer film and without.

  • Maximum temperature: 70С
  • Operating temperature: 20С-60С
  • The maximum pressure (at Tmax = 70 ° C): 6 Bar
  • Coefficient of linear expansion: 0.14 mm / mS
  • Outer diameter: 16-20 mm
  • Wall thickness: 2.0 mm
  • Bays dimensions: 50m / 100m / 200m